Local Leaders for Rollins

Lei (Lee) Zhou: University of Florida Professor

Jay Carmichael: World War II Veteran

Red Zell: Navy Veteran

Nathaniel Jones: Pastor at Acts of Faith Ministries in Archer, Florida

Bill Boe: Vietnam Veteran

Judith Ladd: Teacher and Educational Psychologist

Larry Harvey: Putnam County Commissioner

Mary Jane Schofield James: Team Rollins Volunteer

Gary Crawford: Pastor, Author and Veteran

Jack Zuidema: Alachua Farmer, Veteran and Retired Teacher

Pepe Peruyero: Owner of J&K Canine Academy

Anthony Sabatini: State Representative, District 32

Jeannette Browning: Team Rollins Volunteer Coordinator

Debi McElroy: Team Rollins Alachua County Chair

Andy Hopson: Team Rollins Communications Director