Rollins for Congress Team Releases New Campaign Video

Candidate vows to fight alongside President Trump to keep the economy strong.

Keystone Heights, Fla., June 22, 2020 – The Rollins for Congress team today released a new campaign video that reinforces the candidate’s commitment to support President Trump on issues that threaten the nation’s safety and freedom. Rollins is running to replace Congressman Ted Yoho in Florida’s third congressional district. 

“We’re experiencing an unprecedented assault on our constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms,” said Rollins. “The attacks on our first amendment rights are more aggressive than ever, with governors and local elected officials determining that protests are okay but assembling in houses of worship is not. There is crazy talk of defunding police departments as these same far-left extremists attack the Second Amendment rights of citizens to keep and bear arms. As a member of Congress, I will give my unwavering support to President Trump to keep America great.”

In the video, Rollins says, “Our freedom is under attack from Communist China and the radical left. We must fight back. In Congress, I’ll fight alongside President Trump, to keep our country safe and free.”

A narrator then connects Rollins’ life of service with his commitment to support President Trump.

“Gavin Rollins served under President Trump in a combat zone. He taught students the constitution; and in Congress he’ll defend it. As a commissioner, Rollins stood up for life, liberty, and the Second Amendment. He’ll fight alongside President Trump to keep our economy strong.”

Rollins, a Clay County commissioner, high school teacher and captain in the Florida National Guard, is seeking to replace retiring Congressman Ted Yoho in Florida’s third congressional district.