Nation’s Longest-serving Air Force Officer Endorses Gavin Rollins for Congress

Keystone Heights, Fla., June 15, 2020 — Maj. Gen. (retired) Douglas Burnett, the nation’s longest-serving Air Force officer when he retired in 2010, and the former adjutant general of Florida, today endorsed Gavin Rollins in his bid to replace Congressman Yoho in Florida’s Third Congressional District. Rollins, a captain in the Florida National Guard, is the only candidate in the race who is currently a member of the military.

“I’ve gotten to know Gavin over the years in his dual roles as a soldier in the Florida National Guard and as a Clay County commissioner,” said Burnett. “At a time when external threats have never been greater to our national security, we need people in Washington with Gavin’s understanding of global affairs and the risks facing our country. Gavin has served honorably and courageously in the military. As a congressman he will be a leading voice for a strong national defense and traditional conservative values.”

As the 20th Adjutant General of Florida from November 2001 to June 2010, Burnett commanded Florida’s Army and Air National Guard, and served as senior military advisor to the governor and senior military leader of the National Guard. The Florida National Guard’s 211th Regional Training Institute at Camp Blanding is named in his honor.

Rollins, a Clay County commissioner, high school teacher and captain in the Florida National Guard, is seeking to replace retiring Congressman Ted Yoho in Florida’s third congressional district.