Gavin Rollins Praises Trump’s China Policy Changes

Says the communist country’s aggression must be stopped.

Keystone Heights, Fla., May 29 – Republican Congressional candidate Gavin Rollins today praised the Trump Administration’s changes in China policy, saying a lack of aggressive action to stop the communist-led country’s takeover of Hong Kong could have the same results as the west’s failure to stop Hitler early on.

“There were many opportunities in the 1930s to stop Hitler’s aggression,” said Rollins. “We allowed Germany to rearm, a direct violation of the Treaty of Versailles, hoping for the best. But appeasement only makes the aggressor stronger. They know they can get away with it, so they get more aggressive. Similarly, Chinese president Xi Jinping and the communist leadership have made no secret of their global ambitions. If we allow China to trounce international agreements and takeover Hong Kong, what’s to stop them from taking over Taiwan next?”

President Trump today announced several policy moves targeting China in retaliation for Beijing’s actions to tighten control over Hong Kong. This followed a statement earlier in the week by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that Hong Kong no longer had significant autonomy under Chinese rule, a violation of an international agreement put in place when Hong Kong was turned over to China in 1997. 

Rollins, a Clay County Commissioner, high school history teacher, and captain in the Florida National Guard, is seeking to replace the retiring Congressman Ted Yoho in Florida’s third Congressional district.